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CEO Lesson | The #1 Financial Management Class

CEO Lesson | The #1 Financial Management Class

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A 5-week financial management class with CEOs who need better insight and make instant changes to your business. This online class is tailored to business owners/entrepreneurial CEOs/entrepreneurs who don't have a financial background (and don't need one). Topics are covered from fundamental business to how to set key metrics for your business. Click for more class information.

This online class contains:

  • Lifetime access to a 5-week class 
  • Access to experts in the field to put the knowledge into reality
  • 90+ minutes long contents with summary and quizzes
  • 20+ additional resources including worksheets, infographics, etc. 
  • 10+ screencasts case studies 
  • Email support with 16 hours reply time
  • Free consultation session